Samsung Galaxy S9 Skarmbyte Coral Blå


Samsung Galaxy S9 LCD Coral Blue

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Product Description

Samsung Galaxy S9 LCD Coral Blue

* Color: Coral Blue
* Manufacturer: Samsung
* Manufacturer code: GH97-21696D;GH97-21697D;GH97-21696G
* Manufacturer title: SVC LCD ASSY-OCTA ASSY(E/BLUE);SM-G960F;
* Suitable for: Samsung G960F Galaxy S9
* Extra info: Incl. frame, power button, volume buttons, power button flex/switch, volume button flex/switch, earspeaker/reciever, loudspeaker/buzzer rubber, bixby button, bixby button flex

– Content of delivery: As shown in the image
– Packing: Boxed, Service Pack
– State: New